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Guidance Thumbnail by Luna Ren Studio

"Luna Ren’s work is unique and stunning. I am thrilled with the mock-up cover she’s created for my up-coming book: Guidance. Prior to starting the design process, Luna Ren met with me and asked me a series of questions about my manuscript. She was genuinely concerned that the quality of my work be reflected in the cover. I highly recommend Luna Ren for other authors in need of design work." - Emily Elaine

Guidance is a sci-fi novel set in an alternate future, the free world is under attack by the rising terrorist society: the Purists. Hope rests in the hands of the International Peace Core and their military of Genetically Advanced Persons, or GAPs. When 20 year old GAP, Abesko, awakens from Memory Purification and embarks on a journey to reclaim his forgotten life and loved ones, he discovers earth-shattering truth about his 'Makers' and he must risk extermination of his own kind to save the whole of humanity. 

Guidance Book Cover Two Books Stacked by Luna Ren Studio

For Guidance, I incorporated the 8-point star/compass symbol and the globe as desired by the Author. The 8-point star/compass represents the title of the book and the main character of this book. The globe surrounding the 8-pint star/compass represents the International Peace Corps. To represent the futuristic aspect of the novel, I created a circuit tecture on the book.

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Guidance Book Cover Back View by Luna Ren Studio
Guidance Book Signing Poster by Luna Ren Studio
Guidance Book Signing Poster by Luna Ren Studio
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