"Luna Ren’s work is unique and stunning. I am thrilled with the mock-up cover she’s created for my up-coming book: Guidance. Prior to starting the design process, Luna Ren met with me and asked me a series of questions about my manuscript. She was genuinely concerned that the quality of my work be reflected in the cover. I highly recommend Luna Ren for other authors in need of design work." - Emily Elaine


Luna Ren Studio is a Graphic Design Studio that specializes in book cover design for Independent Young and New Adult Authors. Each design, illustration, book cover and blog is created by Imani Danzy. I design book covers that stay authentic to your story and that are eye catching to your readers. I chose to design using Adobe Illustrator to provide a modern clean, yet edgy look to book covers. Although I specialize with designing Young and New Adult Independent Authors' book covers, my services are expanded for other creatives; Youtubers, Artists, or Photographers, as well:

-Book Covers
-Posters & Flyers (for booksigning or merch)
-Character Art Design &Illustrations
-Youtube Banner & Logo

Imani Danzy Picture

Who is Luna Ren?

The meaning behind Luna Ren: LUNA is inspired by Luna Lovegood - her spirit of wisdom, quirkiness, and uniqueness. The Luna Ren Studio logo represents the cycles of the moon which is the symbol of the cycles in human life: Luna Ren Studio will touch the hearts of people young and old. REN is a confucian virtue - "Be Humane" which reminds me of the Bible verse Luke 6:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

The Sum of Luna Ren: "Stay Authentic [to the author's story, to a musician's music, to any creator's art form, & be true to in interaction with creator's with my own personality], Overall be Humane to one another."

Luna Ren was Imani Danzy's penname for her up and coming Sci-fi New Adult graphic novel, but in the end she decided she will keep the graphic novel under her real name. I am a freelance writer/hobby photographer, advid reader and Sci-fi nerd with a graphic design degree who drinks tea occasionally on Tuesdays. I am on the quest to build a graphic design studio that helps independent authors & creators by giving them designs that will help them grow and reach more fans far and wide! For book cover design, questions, or to say hello, email Imani, you can also call me Luna, at luna@lunarenstudio.com

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