Simon and Martina: A Life Of Quirky Adventures

They are quirky, fun, and know how to have an adventure! Simon and Martina are a married Canadian couple that moved to South Korea in 2008 and have been making videos around the world ever since, and now they live in Japan! I have have been watching them for 7 years formally known as Eat You Kimchi or EYK!
I love every video they make about food, their adventures, travel, and videos about Spudgy and Meemers, their cat and dog. My favorite parts are how they handle each adventure, edit their videos, their personalities, and how they handle their hard times like Martina’s Chronic Pain and more.

Now let’s dive into their creative minds!

The Spudgy and Meemers Reunion! - YouTube
Simon with Meemers & Martina with Spudgy from The Spudgy and Meemers Reunion! on Youtube

I found Simon and Martina when I was 14 Years old and getting into Kpop and was interested by the idea of becoming a teacher abroad. Simon and Martina use to teach English abroad in Korea then they started Eat Your Kimchi and grew into the awesome youtubers they are today! They taught me about T.O.P., G-Dragon, Korean Food and culture. But as I grew up, so did my love of Korean pop culture change with me. Now I am 21 Years old and Simon and Martina are still relevant to me today. As they transition to Japanese Culture. I found myself maturing with them.

Quirky Couple

Simon and Martina

What keeps me coming back to Simon and Martina are there comfort with sharing their quirkiness on camera with us. They call each other by their cute pet names, Simon’s descriptions about food and Martina’s funny voices when she jokes about something or makes Meemers’ and Spudgy’s voices. I can relate to Martina because I enjoy doing the same thing when I make jokes and get excited. I love their transparency on camera with their audience through their quirks. Their quirkiness is what makes them lovable and relatable because they are showing us a happy side of themselves that they know will bring us joy. Even more so, I love when they are open about the darker sides of themselves, because everyone goes through some sort of pain.

Martina’s Chronic Pain

background photo from ‘How I Deal with Chronic Pain’ by Simon & Martina

Martina lives in a state of constant pain because of her illness, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or EDS, a connective tissue disorder. Although she lives in pain, Martina manages to make others happyand even manages to give tips for others of how to get through the day. Here are some quick tips of Martina’s way of Building a Ladder:

1. Get out of bed. Pull yourself out of the dark pit by walking around the house and push yourself to go outside.

2. Listen to music that makes you happy. Avoid the dark music.

3. Find joy in the small things: smelling flowers, food, or seeing a butterfly. It helps you focus on the outside world instead of your mind.

I am grateful she made this video, because it helps people in chronic pain, as well as people with depression, anxiety and more. I am one of the people this video helped. I get depressed and want to stay in bed, mope and keep my self in my dark place. Martina inspires me to move. If she can do be happy on camera and in life with chronic physical pain, I can do it too with my depression and physical pain from IBS: Irritable Bowl Syndrome and intense period pain. If you want more tips,  watch Martina’s video.

The Secret Meaning Behind Simon’s Tattoo’s

Photo From Simon’s Tattoo Reveal – The Meaning of the Code

Simon has tattoos that reflect his times going through university from the light times to the dark times. He even has tattoos that commemorate him meeting Martina. Although Simon cannot fully relate to Martina’s pain or feel her pain,  He empathizes with Martina by getting tattoos to put himself in her shoes.

I really love his video about his story because I can relate to how he felt at university such as having no friends, being introverted and depression from not knowing what the world had in store for me.  I love the story behind each tattoo. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about Simon, so I am glad that he opened up about his story. If you want to hear more in depth of Simon’s Tattoo Story, watch his video.

I plan to release a video about Simon and Martina on my youtube channel Thursday, June 7th, 2018. I am really excited and blessed I get to make a video about these two lovely people. In my video, I will talk about the design behind their videos about the sushi god’s Saito and Tenzushi.

Thank You Simon & Martina!

Simon and Martina if you are reading, I want to say Thank You for the years of quirkiness and for teaching me about Korean and Japanese Culture. Each moment I see you two, I see a resilient humble married couple just living life one day at a time with their cute dog and cat. I would love to met you two one day! Although you don’t teach English to kids in Korea anymore you are teaching everyone especially your “Nasties” about Culture abroad no matter where you go. You will always be fantastic teachers in heart! I am glad I got to write my first blog post about you two and soon I will post one of my first Youtube Videos about you too. Thank You! 🙂

Also when I am not blogging or Youtubing, I am, Imani Danzy, a solo Graphic Designer at Luna Ren Studios! My design specialty are book covers, posters and character art. But if you have a different  project in mind, I am up to any challenge! Thank you for reading! Till Next Time!